Natural Anxiety Solutions

Discover root causes and feel better now

Feeling stuck with how to cure your anxiety? 

Maybe you've already tried medications, or natural options like St. John's Wort. When the remedies you try don't work it can feel really frustrating.

That's where I come in. I'm here to be your guide, to help you find the best solutions for YOU and to work with you to find effective and lasting treatments that you can feel good about.

Ready to solve your anxiety?

I'll help you discover root causes of your anxiety that you may not have been aware of. With my support you won't have to do all the research yourself and you'll have me as your resource for treatment options! You deserve to relax and be taken care of!

My approach to anxiety may include:

  • Acupuncture (treating anxiety energetically using Traditional Chinese Medicine)

  • Herbal medicine (including lavendula, passiflora, hypericum, and many others)

  • Dietary modifications and/or nutrient supplementation

  • Functional assessments of adrenal glands, thyroid and other hormones

  • CBT/meditation/mindfulness therapies for stress reduction

Anxiety help tip #1: "Write it down"

I'm here to help and I know you want to resolve your anxiety right now - so I want to give you something to get started right now, wherever you are. I want you to start a practice of writing out your thoughts. This can be such a huge help with the burden of information overload. It doesn't have to be a big time commitment. Choose a writing method that suits you best (or more than one), and give it a go now:

  • freeform writing: write for 5 minutes in the morning and evening (not in your bed), at the start and end of your day - this is great if your anxiety tends to be causing difficulty getting to sleep or worrying about a particular thing over and over, or 

  • TO DO list: as it says, carry this with you, check it in the mornings before you start your day, and spend a few minutes looking over it/adding to in in the evenings (this can easily be adapted to your phone so you can have it with you - but I do really recommend some pen/paper time too)

  • Bullet journal: learn more here - it's a way of creating a day-planner, to schedule and plan ahead (especially valuable if you have trouble focusing your thoughts)

  • Schedule time for you: commit to the things that keep getting left aside - did you plan to exercise "X" times per week? Start by putting your events in your calendar - but only add one additional event at a time, only increase them once you feel you have made it through a week or two without difficulty)

Want more anxiety help? I've written down my TOP 5 anxiety-busting tips for you.


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