Eating for Digestive Health 

Simple & effective diet tips for a lifetime of health 

What are your intestines telling you? 

If you're "lucky", you might just be a person who's bowels tell you when they aren't doing well - maybe through irregularities including bloating/discomfort after meals, or diarrhea, constipation, or both. I say "lucky" because this gives you an opportunity to make changes now, before more damage is caused in your body. The inflammation that starts in your gut, can lead to more serious tissue injury and issues with your skin, your joints, your brain, liver and other organs!

I am here to help you listen to your body. 

Let's work together to find research-driven solutions that will help bring your digestive system into balance.

Don't like dieting?

There are many diets for digestive issues, from low-FODMAPs to GAPS, SCD, elemental, paleo/ketogenic, AIP and more. All of these diets can be quite overwhelming to follow. Even elimination/reintroduction diets to test for sensitivities can be difficult. 

I am here to help make it easier to eat well for YOUR body. Not everyone has the same body and not everyone needs the same diet. 

Let's work together - you know more than you think about how to heal: what foods do you react to?


Want help now?

Depending on your situation, I have a number of tools to help investigate and heal your digestive issues:

  • Labs and functional assessments

  • Diet & nutrient review

  • Herbal medicine 

  • Acupuncture 

  • Stress reduction 


DIET TIP #1:  Start a Diet Diary

Write down everything you eat and drink (and crave!) for the next 2 weeks!

Also include: your bowel movements, and whether you have any of your 'issues' flare (this may include bloating, mood changes, pain, skin flares, nausea, low energy, etc).


Discovering the root causes of your digestive issues requires curiosity and honesty with yourself. Ditch the guilt and negative self talk about the current state of your diet. This is a chance to make important connections between what goes in and how you feel. You may be surprised. A healthy and non-inflamed person should be able to 'indulge' without crippling pain or uncomfortable bowel changes. 


After tracking for 2 weeks, bring this information to your first appointment for us to review.

Keep track however is easiest for you.  BONUS              Download my Diet Diary worksheet here.

Want more digestive help? I've written down my 5 diet essentials for digestion & BONUS: veggie shopping guide.


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