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Is Acupuncture for Me?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Struggling with chronic health issues - or just chronically "sub-optimal"? If you haven't tried acupuncture yet, I'd highly recommend it.

Acupuncture is a common treatment method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and showing incredible contemporary benefits. Its application is broad, as each group of points selected for an individual confer a unique energetic response to a specific problem. Acupuncture has a long tradition of use and now research in many different applications - including:

  • irritability, PMS,

  • fatigue, sleep disturbances,

  • headaches,

  • addictions,

  • irregular bowel function, abdominal pain,

  • fertility, birth preparation,

  • physical pains, arthritis,

  • injury-recovery.

Whenever you come in for a visit, I'm always considering what your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis might be, alongside a Western diagnosis.

Before choosing a set of acupuncture points, I always assess your tongue and pulse to aid diagnosis. In TCM, a diagnosis might sound like "Heart yin deficiency", "Spleen qi deficiency" or "Liver qi stagnation" ("qi" is pronounced "CHEE" and relates to the flow of energy/vital force in your body). One of eight organs are typically used to 'locate' the condition.

Ever wondered why someone would voluntarily be poked with many little needles?

I'll admit that I was wary of acupuncture too, until I tried it (the incredibly thin needles give a tiny prick on insertion but are otherwise quite painless, and come with powerful benefits for a variety of health issues).

Acute issues can often be managed in 1-2 visits. However, for most concerns, I usually recommend 4 - 6 weekly sessions in order to gain long-lasting benefits from the treatment.


To book an acupuncture appointment: choose a 45 minute follow-up (additional weekly appointments in the same session are 30 minutes).

If this is a new issue or you haven't been seen in the past 6 months, you can book a 30 minute virtual appointment first, or book your in-person appointment for 60 minutes.

If you are a new patient, please book an Initial Intake - and note your interest in acupuncture.

*These photos were taken pre-pandemic. Current protocols include mask/shield-wearing.

Dr. Natalie Senst, ND

Northstar Naturopathic Clinic

804 Bloor St. W, Toronto (west of Christie)


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