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Life is all about connections. As a Naturopathic Doctor, my role is to help you discover, build and strengthen connections in your life.

Connections with nature, with other people and within yourself all impact your health. Digestive, hormonal and brain function are three pillars of healthy connections:

Digestive health: [Learn more] 

  • bowel irregularities/pain, food sensitivities, bloating, indigestion, SIBO, weight loss/gain​, eczema, allergies/asthma

Hormonal health: [Learn more] 

  • energy/fatigue, thyroid, irregular cycles, PMS/period pain, PCOS, insomnia/sleep, chronic stress

Brain health​: [Learn more] 

  • memory, mood, focus & sensory processing, ADHD, autism/ASD, mild cognitive impairment/Alzheimer's prevention, anxiety


The health "essentials"

Your optimal health requires these building blocks:

  • sleep, supportive diet, movement, stress-resilience and life satisfaction

Removal of dis-ease: addresses weakened or diseased organs - acute or chronic.


To support you, I may recommend labs and specialized testing, acupuncture, homeopathic and herbal medicine as well as nutrition and supplements.



Women, Redefined:

I'm here to help you be your own health advocate.

  • Period pain is not normal.

  • Hormonal birth control is not the only answer to women's health issues.

  • Pregnancy is not a medical condition - and labour can be supported naturally to minimize complications.

  • Irritability is a sign that something needs supporting.

  • Menopause is normal - but you don't have to suffer the symptoms.

  • I'm here to help you build resilience and confidence in your life.


My practice is inclusive and I welcome all people.

Virtual appointments are now available across Ontario. 

Physical appointments in Toronto are available on a limited basis due to COVID-19.

Naturopathic appointments are covered by insurance! (some labs too) - Direct billing to your insurance provider is available upon request

I'm here to help!

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Fatigue & Sleep

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Diet & Digestion

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Women's/Men's Health

Babies & Kids

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