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Baby Sleeping

Sleep Soundly, Wake Rested

Build energy and beat fatigue

Energy issues aren't always about sleep, but maximizing sleep is always STEP #1 (do the best you can in your circumstances) 

Sleep is essential to wellness - it's our body's repair time!

DNA repair happens during sleep. Our bodies scavenge free radicals and mop up the messes created when we were awake. This is a crucial step to reduce inflammation, improve cognitive function and prevent disease.

I see two common sleep issues:

  1. Not sleeping enough HOURS each night (the social-media mavens, the workaholics, the students and the parents...)

  2. Not getting deep, restful QUALITY sleep each night (medications, cortisol imbalances, blood sugar instability, etc)

If you are not waking rested and energized most mornings, let's talk! (it takes 30 minutes after waking to reach max energy)

If you lose sleep for reasons out of your control (babies/dependants, noisy neighbours, etc), let's talk about supporting your energy and resilience.


From thyroid to cortisol, insulin, and all the sex hormones, our body can get out of balance in one area and that can throw the whole system off. Learn more about Hormones.


Weight gain can be a sign of hormonal imbalances noted above and needs to be properly investigated. However, when it comes to the basics, think of this order of needs: sleep #1, then exercise #2, then diet #3 (diet matters less than sufficient sleep and exercise).


Low energy and lack of interested in your usual activities can be a sign of depression. High stress, either single events or long term, can lead to difficulties getting enough quality sleep. If you're worrying about getting to sleep

Learn more about Anxiety (and get my top 5 anxiety-busting tips in your inbox)!

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