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You're not immune to infection! 

Understand your immune system

Your immune system is your body's primary defence system against invading pathogens (viruses, bacteria, moulds, etc). 

It learns and develops from interactions with the variety of microorganisms it meets on a daily basis - newborns have to build their immune system over time by exposure to their environment. A healthy immune system will respond quickly and appropriately to perceived attacks.


Your immune system may not be functioning optimally if you have:

  • fatigue / low energy

  • frequent infections / illness tends to linger or continue at a low level  

  • cough or sinus issues lasting over 2 months 

  • allergies - especially if you are acquiring new allergies/sensitivities (your immune system is hypersensitive)

  • an autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, etc) - your immune system is being triggered when it shouldn't be

  • diabetes or are having difficulty losing weight

  • any chronic swelling or pain


5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

  1. Adequate sleep/rest is essential to allow your immune system to heal the 'injury' (read my blog)

  2. Reduce stress on your body (mental & physical) so you don't add fuel to the fire *chronic inflammation is a major source of stress for your body) - see here for anxiety support

  3. Try "bone broth"! It has become much more mainstream and you can buy it pre-made in a pinch. Here's how you can maximize its benefits and make it out of leftovers (my recipe here).

    Or, get the herbal benefits of bone broth in another form - you'll see my recipe includes immune balancing herbs like astragalus root and codonopsis root. You can find these in extracted tincture form as well. Caution: teas containing these herbs can't extract the beneficial compounds you're seeking - stick to slow-cooking the herbs, or a proper tincture extraction.

  4. What you eat matters - your food can either reduce or increase inflammation (see diet tips here or book an appointment to ask if my simple and healthy 30-day detox diet is right for you!)

  5. Get out in nature: we build our immune systems by interacting with microorganisms - there's plenty of these in dirt! Why not take up a gardening hobby? Try growing some fresh herbs or veggies - use a planter if needed! In the winter, bring some living plants indoors! As for daily exercise outdoors, I recommend 30 minutes of movement - walk, skip, dance, or whatever brings you joy.


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