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I'm here for you, 

so here's a bit about me:

I'm Natalie: naturopathic doctor, mom, lover of veggie gardens, horses, "diy"-pottery and triathlon. I dream of raising heritage laying-hens in my backyard. I'm a city dweller, but my heart lies deep in the woods. I am energized by time in nature and watching my children explore the natural world. 

My clinical treatment focuses on three pillars: digestive health, hormonal health, and cognitive/mental health. 

I’m here to listen, to reflect, to be your health guide, to do the medical analysis and help you find realistic, practical solutions for you and your family

(pediatric patients welcome!)

I welcome all people. My focus is on​ "Women, Redefined" - helping you through all of life's stages and changes.


Is my approach right for you?


  • I seek to understand root causes and not just symptoms

  • My clinical approach uses laboratory results, physical exams and blends the latest research with traditional medicinal knowledge to identify problems, track progress and reach your health goals

  • A good treatment plan meets you where you’re at – with practical and sustainable recommendations

  • This process that takes time - be patient with yourself and know that the route to better health isn't fast or easy, but it is about finding rewarding and joyous moments each day

In our first meeting, we’ll talk about how I can best support you – I’ll learn about you, we’ll set some (realistic) goals, review or requisition labs as needed, and troubleshoot any immediate health concerns. Then, we'll craft a plan unique to you.

Building more resilient moms and happier families

In my family health practice, I see many women, including many moms. Moms are multitaskers, strong, and resourceful and also notorious for failing to prioritize their own health. I believe a healthy mom will have the energy and resources to achieve better health for their whole family. Moms should not feel alone at the overwhelming job of supporting their families - we all need community.

Moms are the ultimate influencers! Prioritizing your own health will payoff in so many ways - with more energy, more patience, and more enjoyment in your life, helping yourself gives you the resources to help others! Motherhood support starts before you get pregnant and continues after your kids are out of the home (we never stop worrying about them, right?) - Are you ready to change lives?

Dr. Natalie Senst, ND:

Education & Background

Medicine has always been my calling….my roots are in both the natural and allopathic worlds. 


My mom was a family doctor who emphasized healthy eating and time outdoors as cornerstones to health. My fondest childhood memories involve nature - gardening, exploring woods, back country camping, and swimming in lakes in summer, or building snow forts in winter. Oh, and sitting on my younger brother to distract him while my mom stitched his knee. 

I grew up with a fascination and love for the human body and mind, a love of vegetable gardening and appreciation that the air just smelled "better" in the woods. I studied psychology in undergrad and was fascinated by human thought and behaviour.


After a first career start as a civil litigation lawyer, often reading and analyzing medical doctor records, I came to the conclusion that I am conflict adverse and that I was pursuing an unfulfilling profession. Opening myself up to another career choice was daunting, but the idea of a career in medicine excited and energized me. So, eight years, two kids and many adventures later, I opened my naturopathic practice. 


My Doctor of Naturopathy degree is from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, with clinical focus training in pediatrics. I am a licensed member in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and hold memberships with the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors and of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors.

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