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Stressed Woman

Natural Anxiety Solutions

Address the root of your worries and feel better now

Feeling overwhelmed?

Adapting to change is difficult and changes to your routines and habits can significantly increase your stress level. The massive global impact of COVID-19 is not to be understated. Changes in your daily activities, work, play and rest, can be exhausting and overwhelming. I am here to support you as a whole person, including the dynamic interplay between physical and mental health. 


If you are finding yourself more stressed or worried than usual, or not coping as well as you'd like, book a virtual visit to help build your resilience, calm your nerves and discuss your immune health. 

​Making the Cortisol-Stress connection:

  • Cortisol is a major hormone produced by your adrenal glands when your body is under stress

    • stress = emotional or physical (injury, infection, exercise, low blood sugar)

  • Cortisol and Melatonin work opposite to each other and as one lowers, the other raises. Chronically high cortisol can be a cause of poor sleep quality - when cortisol peaks in the night instead of staying low until 8-9am.

  • Chronic cortisol elevation can disrupt many processes, including digestion, other hormones/neurotransmitters (for example, the hormone serotonin is found primarily in the digestive system) and inflammation (although cortisol temporarily suppresses inflammation, it leads to rebound flares of inflammation) - all of which can impact mood

Help is here

I'm here for you, no matter where you're at. 

  • unsure where to start?

  • already tried exercise, herbal remedies or even medications?

  • looking to get off of medications?

Let's find a way forward.

Anxiety help tip #1: "Write it down"

Get started right now, wherever you are. Reduce the burden of information overload and intrusive thoughts.

Use writing to let go of the clutter you are holding on to in your head.
Choose a writing method that suits you best (or more than one), and give it a go now:

  • freeform writing: write for 5 minutes each morning and evening (not in bed) - especially helpful for insomnia

  • TO DO list: set this up each week, add to it through the day (phone-friendly) - if you are overwhelmed / forgetting tasks

  • Bullet journal: a day-planner/scheduler, for planning & goal-setting [learn more here] - improves focus & attention

  • Schedule time for you: commit to your goals by writing them down (ie. sleep, exercise, meditation) - improve brain function by nourishing it

Anxiety help is in your inbox!

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