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The Roots of Digestive Health 

And digestion as the root of health

It really all comes down to the gut - a place that unites body and mind. You need to be able to digest and absorb nutrients from your food to give you the energy, mindset and physical wellness to enjoy your days and reach your goals. 

Your digestion is impacted by:

Signs of digestive dysfunction

  • sleep [digestion time, reduces inflammation],

  • diet [foods can hurt or help, pro vs. anti-inflammatory] 

  • exercise [regulates bowels, reduces stress]

  • toxins - in your home/work/diet [affect liver/hormone function and elimination]

  • genetics [let's address deficiencies in nutrient status, metabolism, energy, bowel motility]

  • stress [resiliency of your immune and nervous system]

  • acid reflux / indigestion (or recurrent chest pains)

  • abdominal pain

  • bloating

  • irregular bowel function [what is "regular"?]: including "IBS", painful or bloody stools 

  • low appetite or feeling too full 

  • can't lose weight or can't gain weight

 Also, beyond the gut...

  • cough or sinus issues lasting over 2months

  • difficulty concentrating / brain fog 

  • low energy / fatigue

  • PMS or painful periods

  • skin issues: acne, eczema, rosacea

  • regular use of these medications: ibuprofen/NSAIDs, esomeprazole/PPIs, statins, antibiotics, etc

I'm here to help you listen to your body and interpret what it's saying. Gut health is the foundation. I address diet in a realistic, practical way, that allows you to feel encouraged, hopeful and well-nourished! My goal is always to get you to a point where you are eating as wide a variety of foods as possible.

Scroll down    to get my Digestive Health Guide with 5 top tips you can start doing now from home.

There's a test for that...

Why testTesting can help us decide on a course of treatment - either confirming or ruling out conditions. Sometimes testing provides a valuable tool for motivation - you can make it a goal to improve your test values! 

Here's a few of the most common functional tests I use for digestive issues:

  • Essential bloodwork: ie. vitamin D, B12, liver and kidney function, digestive enzymes, hsCRP, CBC (complete blood count), also provide a valuable understanding of deficiencies and areas for support

  • Celiac testing = a panel available as an add-on to regular blood testing - must be consuming gluten

  • Food Sensitivity Test a blood test of IgG immune reactivity to a variety of foods

  • Lactulose breath test aka "SIBO test" = breath samples of gases produced by bacteria in your small intestine

  • GI-MAP a PCR analysis of a stool sample - to assess microbes in your lower intestines

    • includes H.pylori assessment

    • option to test Zonulin: a marker of leakiness in gut lining​

  • Cortisol testing = saliva test assesses your state of stress, can also be done as part of a hormone panel (DUTCH test)

  • Genetic interpretation = I do not perform genetic testing, but I can review your raw data from 23andme and use it to help inform dietary and supplement recommendations

Naturopathic testing is run privately (insurance may cover some or all), and in cases of regular lab testing, we can reach out to your family doctor to see what testing they can do through OHIP. 

Let's work together to find research-driven solutions that will help bring your digestive system into balance.

Want some DIY digestive solutions?

Get my Digestive Health Guide with 5 tips for digestive support you can do from home! 


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