The Roots of Digestive Health 

And digestion as the root of health

It really all comes down to the gut - a place that unites body and mind. You need to be able to digest and absorb nutrients from your food to give you the energy, mindset and physical wellness to enjoy your days and reach your goals. 

Common clues that your digestion isn't optimal:

  • acid reflux / indigestion (or recurrent chest pains)

  • abdominal pain (after eating certain foods or constant)

  • bloating (ie. after eating)

  • irregular bowel function [what is "regular"?]: including diarrhea, constipation or both 

  • low appetite or feeling too full - food seems to "sit" in your stomach, especially fatty foods

  • weight: not gaining or not losing

And these more subtle clues too:

  • cough or sinus issues lasting over 2months

  • difficulty concentrating / brain fog (especially if worse after certain foods)

  • low energy / fatigue

  • premenstrual pain (or an aggravation of abdominal symptoms)

  • skin issues: acne, eczema, rosacea

  • medications: ibuprofen/NSAIDs, esomeprazole/PPIs, statins, antibiotics (frequent or long term use), and many more

I'm here to help you listen to your body and interpret what it's saying. Often this requires us to investigate diet. We do dietary work in a realistic, practical way, that allows you to feel encouraged, hopeful and well-nourished! My goal is always to get you to a point where you are eating as wide a variety of foods as possible. Many food intolerances can be overcome with proper support over time.

Let's work together to find research-driven solutions that will help bring your digestive system into balance.

DIET TIP #1:  Start a Diet Diary

  1. Write down everything you eat and drink (and crave) for 1 week (or 2 if symptoms are irregular)!

  2. Track: your bowel movements and any 'flares' (ie. bloating, mood changes, pain, skin flares, nausea, low energy)

  3. Review: bring this information to your first appointment for us to discuss.

Keep track however is easiest for you.            BONUS              Download my Diet Diary worksheet here.


This discovery process requires curiosity and honesty with yourself (no judgment!). There is no perfect diet. A healthy and non-inflamed person should be able to enjoy most foods without crippling pain or uncomfortable bowel changes. 

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