Perinatal Health

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I'm here for you mama - through it all:

  • Pre-conception: general fertility questions, menstrual/hormonal health, stress-reduction and more healthy living support for you and your partner before conception

  • Pregnancy support (prenatal): support tailored to each trimester, including what foods & supplements to take (or avoid), nausea, stress, constipation, colds/flus, reflux and labour prep (I am also trained as a doula)

  • Mom & baby support (pospartum): diet (mom & baby), feeding support/supply issues, mood support, colic, nipple pain/injury, and fatigue/brain fog



Naturopathic medicine offers solutions for each of these issues. I encourage all mamas to practice self care and preventive medicine - you will be more resilient for it!

Bring home a few more solutions and a lot more confidence that you can handle pregnancy, the early days/months/years and know that you are strong and capable!

Postpartum depression

It's real. Learn self-care tools to manage your mood.

Not every mama is going to suffer from depression. But, I'd say nearly every mama is going to have low mood days, tearful days and just plain exhausted days. There may be days she wishes she could give her baby 'back', even just for a few hours, so she could nap or shower.


THIS IS NORMAL. You should not feel guilty for having any of these emotions. But you should also not have to go through it alone or without useful nutritional support to maximize hormonal and mood stability. 

Did you know fluctuating hormone levels play a huge role in the emotional volatility of a new mama?

Come on in and meet me! Plan in advance for the postpartum period, or navigate your current postpartum experience. I know your time is precious, but this will benefit you and your whole family.