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Hormone Health

Hormones fluctuate naturally in women after having babies, and starting about 10 years prior to menopause (around 40).

Other causes of hormone dysregulation include endocrine disrupting chemicals from the environment (plastics, heavy metals, pesticides). What you eat and the water you drink affects your hormones. PMS, irregular or painful periods, fatigue and weight gain are indicators of possible imbalances in your thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones​​

Brain Health: Focus & Mood

Your brain and nervous system have both physical and emotional components. In all health matters, the physical and emotional aspects tend to be deeply interconnected. Neurological functional issues include: ADHD, autism, autoimmune, and dementia. Poor focus/memory may be signs of various disease processes and need further investigation. Low mood or depression also warrants a thorough assessment including nutritional deficiencies/disrupted digestion.


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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety can be supported acutely with various natural means - including acupuncture, herbs, diet and supplements. Diet is an important area of investigation for longer term resolution of chronic anxiety. Chronic stress impacts all health outcomes negatively - from the adrenal glands, to the thyroid, pancreas, brain and digestive system. While stressors are not always in our control, how we react to our stressors is. Stress management tools you can try at home include practicing meditation, qi gong, or tai chi.

Fatigue & Sleep

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Diet & Nutrition:

Digestive Health

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Prenatal & Postpartum Health

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Autism, ADHD & more

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Family Health

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