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Diet & Digestion

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Digestion is a process that starts in your mouth, involves your esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines, and rectum - as well as your circulation, skin and brain function!

How do you know if your digestion isn't optimal? Symptoms include:

  • Irregular or painful bowel movements

  • Constipation (ideally you would have a fully formed, easy to pass stool 1-3x daily)

  • Diarrhea

  • Gas, bloating or cramps (often associated with meals, or constant)

  • Fatigue and low energy (especially after eating)

  • Memory trouble, brain fog, poor concentration

  • Eczema or rashes

  • Related diagnoses: ADHD, autism, autoimmune conditions (including IBD, celiac, MS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis), irritable bowel syndrome/SIBO

Food is such a huge part of our lives. We need it for energy daily (unless fasting of course). We build social bonds by sharing meals. And what you eat can have both incredible healing powers and be a trigger of illness. 

Are you curious about the connection between food, digestion and health, like:

Is it ok to eat gluten and dairy? 

Aside from the calories, why is sugar/processed food so bad? 

Which foods cause inflammation, and how does that affect me?

Can I eat foods instead of taking supplements?

Keep reading below, or better yet, come on in and learn about how your diet impacts your health. Plus, because everyone's body is different, discover the foods that are optimal for you, and ways to support and optimize your digestion.


If you've got digestive issues (think irregular, painful bowel movements, or bloating and gas that causes discomfort and sometimes embarrassment!) you probably are even more curious about what role your diet might be playing in this.

But did you realize that many seemingly unrelated symptoms can also have their origins in gut dysfunction? Symptoms of digestive issues include:

  • Anxiety, depression or mood changes

  • Autoimmune conditions

  • Constant fatigue, especially after eating

  • Skin issues, including: eczema, acne, rosacea and hives

  • Weight loss or weight gain

Ready to improve your digestion, energy, mood and more?


Anti-inflammatory tips:

  1. Sleep! get enough hours (set a goal bed time) and build a "sleep routine" - without sleep, your body can't repair damage caused from the day or optimize brain function for the next day

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