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Fatigue & Sleep

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Sleep is so essential to all of our body functions. I consider it the primary thing you can do to support your health. Unfortunately, many people have trouble getting the sleep they need.

Are you:

  • Going to bed late because you can't shut down in the evenings?

  • Having difficulty falling asleep, with many thoughts on your mind?

  • Struggling to stay asleep through the night? (aside from being woken by babies/toddlers)

  • Being woken in the night by pain?

  • Using alcohol or drugs to help you get to sleep?

  • Waking feeling exhausted?

  • Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning?

  • Feeling low energy all day?

  • Falling asleep during the day unintentionally?

  • Taking naps regularly?

If you struggle with sleep, let's get you back on track. Start by reviewing the sleep hygiene tips below. With the basics in place, I look at each individual's circumstances and often use energy medicine - acupuncture or homeopathics - to help break out of a poor sleep cycle.


Sleep is so elusive for many. The more we stress about getting it, the more difficult it becomes to achieve. I've often told my toddler to "go to sleep" only to witness the struggle of a young person not quite sure how to shut down. So I've changed my tactic, and now say "lie with your body still, no talking". For adults, shutting down can be about creating bedtime routines that help our bodies wind down.

Good sleep hygiene includes:


Why am I so tired?

A deeper investigation into the causes of fatigue

A quick google of "causes of fatigue" is enough to scare anyone. Cancer is probably one of the most important things for your doctor to rule out. But there are many reasons you may be chronically fatigued. My first question is always to ask this two-parter:

1. How many hours of sleep per night is your ideal?

2. What's the longest unbroken string of hours of sleep you get at night?

Lack of (quality) sleep is probably the number one cause of fatigue. After we rule that out, there may still be other things going on (some things may resolve on their own once you start logging more zzzz's though!)

I like to investigate digestive, autoimmune and hormonal (thyroid, metabolic, estrogen/progesterone) issues - and will consider some/all of these depending on your case.

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