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In-Clinic COVID-19 Protocols

I'm offering in-clinic appointments now for patients who require it - for acupuncture or physical assessments.

Here's how Northstar Naturopathic Clinic is working to keep you safe: 1. Staggered appointments:  We will be staggering appointment times to limit the number of people in the clinic at the same time.  We will leave ample time between patients to ensure each room is thoroughly cleaned in-between visits. 2. All patients will be thoroughly screened before their appointment.  You will be required to fill out an online screening questionnaire for COVID-19 related symptoms.  The questionnaire will be emailed to you 2 hours before your appointment. Please note that this form must be completed before each appointment. If you have symptoms that raise concern upon your arrival to Northstar Clinic, your appointment will be cancelled on-site. 3. Your temperature will be taken from a contactless thermometer upon arrival to check for fever. 4. You are required to wear a mask upon arrival to the clinic and are encouraged to wear your own mask from home.  Masks can be provided by Northstar Clinic for a fee of $1.  5. We will provide you with bins in which you can place your personal belongings. These bins will be sanitized between each visit. 6. All health care practitioners at Northstar are required to wear personal protective equipment including masks and gloves. 7. We will increase our high level of cleanliness and sanitation of the clinic to ensure the safety of our patients and practitioners. 8. Linens used during treatments are of individual use and will be laundered diligently. 9. We ask that all patients arrive on time for their appointment.  We will be keeping the front door locked to reduce crossover between appointments.  We ask that you patiently wait outside and your practitioner will escort you in the clinic at your allotted time.  10. We ask that you do not bring any additional guests to your appointment unless you require an assistant or are accompanying a minor.  Visitors may be asked to wait outside the clinic as needed to avoid crowding.

Northstar Naturopathic Clinic is located at 804 Bloor St. W, between Christie and Ossington, just west of Christie Pits Park.

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