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Birth & postpartum classes - free videos from Ontario midwives

Here are some incredibly candid and helpful videos from Ontario midwives! I'd encourage every mama (even if it's not your first time) to review these for useful tips and reminders!

Pregnancy and birth physiology basics (part 1) - understand the impact of oxytocin and the changes in your vagina and uterus in labour!

Labour (part 2) - active and transition/delivery: including when active labour really starts (around 5-6cm) and how fast you will likely progress (about 1cm per hour after that point), as well as tips on who may or may not benefit from an epidural and risks or an epidural (hint: when you get to transition - ie 7-8cm and feel like you can't do it - this is a normal feeling that indicates transition to the pushing phase is coming and an epidural can be much more detrimental at this point!)

Postpartum (part 3): from the first few precious minutes with baby to really wonderful breastfeeding tips for getting a good latch from the beginning - and a personal fave - why everyone should learn to hand express!

Videos created by Maternity Care Midwives, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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